Top 10 Best Fights In One Piece Of All Time

We know you love the action and adventure series. This time the pirates arrive at MiOtaku and with them the Best Battles of one of your favorite anime series: One Piece. This anime is very popular and there is no Otaku that is respected that does not know Luffy, either by name or by the typical straw hat with the red ribbon. Before starting with the list of best fights in one piece anime, let’s know about the top 20 strongest anime girls of all time.

So sit back and enjoy this list with the most fun, action-packed & best fights in One Piece.

Best Fights In One Piece Of All Time


Zoro vs. Ryuma

Episode 362

Action from the first moment. We love to see Zoro fighting, but not when it costs him so much. But we still encourage it. We see how Ryuma launches several attacks and Zoro manages to block them with his sword.

It becomes a pursuit and a series of attacks by both parties. Until Zoro stops decisively and saves a sword. Ryuma tries to knock him down with an attack, but Zoro manages to hold it in order to jump and launch an attack from above. Very exciting. This was the first one among our list of best fights in one piece.

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Luffy vs Blueno

Episode 273

A pretty exciting battle. Since it begins and in the course of the fight, Luffy does not stop attacking Blueno. A hit here, another over there, a kick against the floor and a lot of speed. Blueno is impressed.

But its impression does not last so long when it tries to attack it using the Door-Gate. But Luffy feels it and dodges it and then makes a direct attack and … Goodbye Blueno. Recall that it is the first time that Luffy uses the Gear 2, so it is more powerful. Because of its intense scenes, it’s in our list of best fights in one piece.


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Luffy vs Arlong

One Piece: Episode of Nami

The power of the Arlong fish mankind is remarkable, but even so, it is no match for Luffy who is not afraid of any crazy shark man. He even punches and breaks his teeth.

But this opponent should not be underestimated, he manages to defend himself very well and even bite Luffy. He has to keep his guard up at all times. That’s why he prepares his Gomu Gomu attack and when he has an opening he hits Arlong, destroying the whole building as well. This one was an intense battle and made its place in our list of best fights in one piece.

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Straw Hats vs Oz

Episode 373

It’s time for a battle of several against one and that’s why it’s in best fights of one piece. This time the Straw Hats face Oz. They all attack and also keep him distracted while Luffy prepares the great attack from above.

He falls from the heavens thrown by his comrade and goes straight to Oz. He smashes all the bones to Oz with his Gomu Gomu no Giant Bazooka that hits him in the whole mouth exerting pressure on his whole body. 


Zoro Vs. Mr. 1

One Piece: Adventures in Alabasta

Mr. 1 is a man with arms and legs that can be transformed into something like a sharp sword. So this battle can be something like a sword fight. Innumerable attacks from both sides.

But Zoro is attacked fiercely, has cuts on various parts of his body and seems to be lost. Although you already know what Zoro looks like, he does not give up. So no matter how hurt he is, that’s not going to stop him. Among all other best fights in one piece, this one is my personal favorite.


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Luffy vs Crocodile

One Piece: Adventures in Alabasta

We are sure of something, no matter what battle it is, Luffy always ends up destroying one or another building. This time it also happens and not only that, the villain Crocodile remains as a punching bag.

Luffy does not stop attacking him and give him some good punches. Even when he tries to defend himself in his sandstorm, Luffy attacks him and goes through his attack, giving him the final blow with all his power.


Akainu vs Barba Blanca

Episode 484

This time the protagonist is not Luffy. But that does not mean it’s not a good fight. Akainu is a strong man and White Beard a worthy opponent. Both attack with everything they have. The powerful attacks of White Beard against the fists of fire of Akainu.

Barba Blanca is missing half a mustache. Akainu manages to cross it with one of his fists and the fight seems to be over, but White Beard is replenished and throws him into the air to later hit him. It is an epic battle.

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Luffy vs Usopp

Episode 236

It’s hard to fight your comrades, but this is a very good battle. Usopp and Luffy give everything they have. Usopp leaves all his sweat in the field. He manages to hurt Luffy with his attacks and even absorbs one and returns it to him.

Although Luffy is stronger and receives his own attack with determination. You know who is going to win the battle. With a definite blow, Usopp is completely defeated. Among all other best fights in one piece, this is the emotional one.


Luffy vs Doflamingo

Episode 726

We went a little further. The powerful Doflamingo against Luffy in a very powerful way too. Two titans fighting each other. And we wonder how Luffy’s hat stands and how Doflamingo’s glasses do not break. This one deserves to be in the list of best fights in one piece.

Reaching the limit of what can be stretched with the fourth Gear, Luffy points directly at Flamingo’s face and gives him a very good punch. Truly a battle you can not miss. 


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Luffy vs Lucci

Episode 309

We are leaving some episodes behind to choose our battle number 1 Luffy against Lucci. There is no option to lose Luffy, you have to return to your companions until Usopp shouts at you desperately. It is an innumerable series of attacks and punches between these two opponents.

Luffy attacks but is trapped by Lucci’s tail and receives a double direct hit from the fists of this semi cheetah. It seems that everything is lost but it is Luffy, his power does not stop growing so he is on the verge of losing. He never gives up and carries what seems to be thousands of punches with all the energy he has left. Blood, sweat, and tears. This was the last one among all others best fights in one piece.


End Of The Line

This was all about Top 10 Best Fights In One Piece Of All Time. If you liked this article on best fights in one piece, leave us your comments and your rating below. Discuss what is your favorite One Piece battle as well, we love knowing more about your tastes. Thank you!

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